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I wrote this some years ago now. For me it was a conscious step to move away from songs that focus on us and our experience of worship, and focus on Him – so the chorus is just the names of Christ. I find it a little odd, and slightly worrying, actually, that at this time when more worship songs are being written than have ever been written in the history of the church, we have very few songs that just concentrate on describing Christ. We have lots of songs that focus on our feelings, our desires, but very few that shift our focus away from ourselves and our experience and on to Him – songs that reflect the great hymns of old like “Immortal Invisible God only-wise”.


All my days I will sing this song of gladness,
Give my praise to the Fountain of delights;
For in my helplessness You heard my cry,
And waves of mercy poured down on my life.

I will trust in the cross of my Redeemer,
I will sing of the blood that never fails;
Of sins forgiven, of conscience cleansed,
Of death defeated and life without end.

Beautiful Saviour, Wonderful Counsellor,
Clothed in majesty, Lord of history,
You're the Way, the Truth, the Life.
Star of the Morning, glorious in holiness,
You're the Risen One, heaven's Champion
And You reign, You reign over all.

I long to be where the praise is never-ending,
Yearn to dwell where the glory never fades;
Where countless worshippers will share one song,
And cries of 'worthy' will honour the Lamb!

Stuart Townend Copyright © 1998 Thankyou Music (Adm. by excl. UK & Europe, adm. by Integrity Music, part of the David C Cook family,


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