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I wrote this song with a friend of mine, Gary Sadler, one of the writers of the classic Ancient of Days. Gary came up with a beautiful melody that really chimed in with the folk direction I was looking for with the album “The Journey”. And I really wanted to explore more of the events of the life of Jesus in song. I feel we need more ‘story songs’, songs that chart what Jesus did and said, songs that remind us our faith is not based on some ethereal concept of what we think God is like, but on the reality of God becoming part of recorded human history.

I think it was Philip Yancey who said we always read the stories as though it’s a novel where we have already read the last page. We miss the wonder of it because we already know what happens. So I wanted to capture the wonder, the amazement, and the fear of those around Jesus who saw this ordinary man doing extraordinary things.


See the stricken boat
As it is tossed upon the sea;
Hear the fearful cries
That wake the man from Galilee.
He stands before the raging,
Speaks peace and harmony:
Winds and waves obey,
He is the man who calmed the sea.

Hear among the crowds
A desperate father's anguished plea:
‘Heal my dying child’
He begs the man from Galilee.
With words that banish sorrow,
"Don't fear, but just believe.
Daughter - live again!’
Commands the man who calmed the sea.

And as she stands before them
What joy from agony!
He's the Master and the Maker,
He's the man who calmed the sea.

Feel the bitter pall
That shrouds the hill of Calvary;
High upon the cross
There hangs the man from Galilee.
The earth it quakes with sorrow,
The sky grows dark with grief;
All creation mourns
To lose the man who calmed the sea.

But, no, death could not hold Him,
The stone is rolled away!
For He's the Master and the Maker,
He's the man who calmed the sea.

Now I hear the call
That echoes down through history:
‘Come, deny yourself,
Take up your cross and follow Me.
Through every joy and sorrow
My grace is all you’ll need.
Trust me in the storm
For I’m the man who calms the sea.’

No fear shall overwhelm me,
For Lord, I do believe
You're the Master and the Maker,
You're the man who calms the sea.

I’ll trust You for tomorrow
And seek You for today:
For You're the Master and the Maker,
You're the man who calms the sea.

Stuart Townend & Gary Sadler Copyright © 2011 Thankyou Music (Adm. by excl. UK & Europe, adm. by Integrity Music and Paintbrush Music (Adm. by Integrity, part of the David C Cook family,


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