An altar of remembrance


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An altar of remembrance
Is what I bring to you,
An overflow of thankfulness
For all you've brought me through;
The power of Your love for me
In famine and in feast,
Unnumbered blessings poured on me,
The greatest to the least.

An altar of remembrance
I'm building every day;
Each act of Your unfailing grace,
Each answer to my when I pray.
So faithful to this faithless one,
So patient with my pride;
Complete in me what You've begun -
A portrait of the Christ.

Take my life and let it be
Consecrated, Lord, to Thee,
My ev’ry thought, my ev’ry deed
An offering to you.

An altar of remembrance
That stands for years to come;
When I am called to heaven's rest
My story lingers on.
Let those who follow on the way
Take courage in the race;
You fashioned from this jar of clay
A trophy of Your grace.

Gary Sadler & Stuart Townend Copyright © 2014 Paintbrush Music and Townend Songs (Adm. by Song Solutions


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