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    New-Look Website!

    02 October 2012 |

    I hope you’re enjoying the updated website.

    We’ve been working with my good friend Andy Cross and his team, and I think they’ve come up with something really impressive – they’ve almost made me look cool!

    There are lots of new resources, too – check out the database of all my songs, so you can look for songs by first line, title, theme, Scripture, and a search facility for words or phrases.

    You can also purchase the sheet music for all the top songs, with full piano arrangement, or melody line, or chord chart – all via Sibelius Scorch (which means you can see the music and even choose the key of the song before you download). And we’ll be featuring one song each month that you can download FOR FREE in any or all of the above formats.

    There are more ‘story behind the song’ articles and videos, to give you an idea of how the song came about and where you might use it in a worship service. I’m also in the process of writing more articles about important themes relevant to church worship, and making more practical videos to actually help you play the song on guitar or piano!

    Finally, we’ve updated the shop area, so all the albums are available for purchase, and there are even more sample tracks on there, so you can listen before you buy!

    I’d just like to thank Andy and his team, and of course Cat Evans, my assistant, for all the hard work they’ve put in to make this website look so good and work so well.