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    Autumn 2012

    01 October 2012 |

    It’s been a really enjoyable summer, starting with a great week at the Keswick Convention and then some fun family time in France. It starts getting busy again now though, including a trip to Australia in October and some solo gigs in the north-east and north-west of England after that.

    It’s also a time to write, as I’d like to have a new album out by next summer. I usually find that once I’ve got some momentum in writing the songs seem to flow – it’s getting the ball rolling that’s the difficult thing! So I’d appreciate your prayers about that.

    We’re also planning for 2013 and would like to include a number of events during the year, as well as a couple of band tours and the usual solo gigs around the UK. We’re always interested to hear from you if you think you may like to host either a band or solo concert, so do get in touch as we work out the details of dates and places.